#croptopcrew @sailtothemoon and i both have the same birthday! officially celebrating in t minus 13 minutes, y’all! (at Hailey’s Club)

Some days I just have to draw a bunch of cute stuff. 
Print for Otakon, maybe? We will see.
very nsfw under the cut


i’m okay with IRL friends looking, but i put these pictures under a cut so i don’t surprise any friends with my boobs. reblogs are okay but obvi NOT from bbw/porn blogs.

idk i wish i had some cool powerful statement to make but really i need to believe that my body is not obscene and can be presented without a long backstory about why i deserve to be naked and visible

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29. Smile. Well ok here’s a not so scowly #dailyscowl! #psbloggersdojuly #lisaphilly #fatbabe ☺️☺️☺️ (at
Rocking love heart polka dots and loafers today! #lisaphilly #fatbabe 💕💕💕 (at


Top 5 sex positions

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28. My favourite blogger. Well I couldn’t pin it to 1 blogger! Go check out @old_lady_at_heart and @daisy_rowland. Links to their blogs in their bio’s. Two #babely babes that deserve your love! 👭💕👭💕👭💕 #psbloggersdojuly #lisaphilly  (at
A #dailyscowl for the lovers! #lisaphilly #fatbabe 🙍🙍🙍 (at